The Making of Going Postal

Storyboard sketch

Pencil sketch of opening pan

I started working on Going Postal in the fall of 2000 and completed production in March of 2002. I did most of the work by myself and did everything by hand with the exception of the pencil testing, which was done on my computer using a great piece of software called FlipBook (external link).

This was my first film and it was a great learning process for me. In this article, I'll touch briefly on each of the stages I went through to complete the film. I'll also discuss the expectations and difficulties I encountered along the way.

Getting an idea

At the beginning of summer 2000, I decided to try my hand at animation. I signed up for a Fall course at The School of Visual Arts. According to the course description, students in the class would complete a one minute animated film and shoot it onto 16mm film. Three months before the course started, I decided to give myself a headstart on learning animation. I read some books, animated a bouncing ball and some walk cycles, and then made a 15 second Quicktime animation on my computer. The 15 second animation was based on a drawing I made two years earlier. The drawing shows a mailbox attacking a woman as she tries to mail a letter. In the animated version, a woman walks up to what appears to be an ordinary mailbox, but when she reaches out to open the mailbox it comes to life and eats her (and the letter). Needless to say, this was great fun to animate.