About Jeff

A photo of Jeff

I grew up in a small town in Iowa and since there wasn't a lot to do, I developed a very fertile imagination. I started cartooning as a kid and kept at it through high school. In college I drew cartoons for the campus newspaper for which I got paid a "whopping" $10 each. After earning my degree in Art & Design I relocated East to New Jersey and took up full time humorous illustration. My love of learning new things has also led me into other pursuits such as web design, computer programming, and animation. I can usually be found in my studio with one of my three cats perched precariously on my lap while I tap away at my computer keyboard or slosh watercolor paint on my drawing table.

My clients include:

The Washington Post, Games Magazine, Maxim, John Wiley & Sons, Grey Advertising, The American Bar Association, The Dallas Morning News, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Dallas Children's Hospital, and KOA campgrounds.